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    • Anna Meyer

      Celtic Sisters Knot from The Irish Jewelry Company - I want these for me and my sisters!!

    • Robin W

      Celtic sisters knot necklace

    • Angie Gibson

      Celtic Sisters Knot Sister tattoo idea

    • Terri Smith

      Sisters Knot Celtic heart is a symbol of sisterhood and the strong, eternal bond we share with our sisters and friends. The intricate Celtic knot heart is an unbroken line symbolic of an everlasting love. The stylized triquetra or triple spiral, woven within the Celtic knot heart symbolizes the three stages of woman. The three stages of woman are maid, mother and wise woman. The Irish Jewelry Company -Great Site!!!

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    i miss my best friend

    my love ♥♥♥

    So much this. Mandy and Mary

    Tonight and every night

    Just one more day with you!!

    I loved you like there was no tomorrow... and then one day, there wasnt. I never regret a moment. get more only on freefacebookcover...

    Daddy ❤️

    ♡ missing you quotes ♡

    so beautiful....Love....I do that everyday. See your picture, kiss you good night and good morning. I Love you with all of my heart. Soon HRH soon we will be together everyday in happiness and love

    Beyond the limits

    thank you babe <3 I'm so blessed to have been able to shared so many wonderful moments and memories with u. The little things like catching you looking at me just randomly...touching my hand...that lil smile on your face. I love it all ..and want it forever !! I love you baby

    "I don't grieve just for the moment my loved one passed. I grieve the past, the future, and the now. A human being is more than just one moment in time..." ~ Angie Cartwright

    Days feel like years.

    Now that you are in heaven I no longer fear death. I can't wait to see you again!!

    Nothing or no one can ever replace you...❤

    I miss holding your hand, hearing your laughter, seeing your smile. I miss you.

    I am so lucky. ♥ Military Girlfriend


    "Cry Laugh Remember" Memorial Decal Quote Sticker A Thoughtful gift for someone mourning the loss of a loved one.

    true. when you left me a part of me went with you and it is pathetic that i am lost without you, its stupid that i cant find my way without you..... but i cant

    Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that you don't recover. Instead, you learn to incorporate their absence and memories into your life and channel your emotional energy toward others, and eventually, your grief will walk beside you instead of consuming you – FREE Memorial Cards Cards On Facebook

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    Suadade- Portuguese and Galician word for a feeling of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one was fond of and which has been lost. It often carries a fatalistic tone and a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never really return. It was once described as "the love that remains" or "the love that stays" after someone is gone.