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  • Kimberli Gray

    Teacup pig napping with her piggy

  • Laura Cooper

    Piggie on piggie I can't stand it. I really want a pet pig

  • Amber West

    Sweet piggies. I love pink baby pigs!

  • Mary Sedivy

    Warm & Fuzzy Baby Animals: Piglet snuggling toy piggie.

  • Emily Chandler

    Piggies!! I'm getting a mini pig asap!!

  • Vanessa Applegate

    Little pig needs his stuffed pig to sleep with. Reminds me of a child and their baby doll go sleep with. How sweet. Piglets are so smart. I feel guilty if I eat bacon.

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'It had to be you! Unforgettable that's what you are, though near are far, like a song of love that clings to me, never before has someone been more unforgettable in every way...' Nat

Just in case you're having a bad day, here's a picture of a pig eating an ice cream cone :)

I WANT. such a beautiful little piggy with a beautiful story, my heart just broke and healed itself up again instantaneously

And this is precisely why I don't eat pork. Re-pinned from Forever Friends Fine Stationery & Favors

Our's did this too :) Pigs are so entertaining! They 'really' added 'personality' to our little farm. My son 'loved' our little pigs!! xo :)

Pig: Little adorable thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devon Fowler. please get one so i can come play with it. :)

Pigs naturally live and spend their time in groups. They express friendships with each other through vocalizations and body language. Like human children, piglets are particularly fond of play and chase one another, play-fight, tumble down hills, and generally engage in a wide variety of enjoyable activities. Pigs are very active, traveling up to 30 miles a day at a quick pace.also spend much of their day grazing and rooting. Pigs raised on factory farms are denied all of these behaviors.

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