So cool for Easter!

Bake a cake as normal then add peeps around it and put Ms on top - the kids would get a kick out of this for easter.

coconut macaroon nutella Easter cookies!

The Cutest Candy Cupcakes: Perfect for Spring/Easter!

How cute are these! Easter Basket Cookies

Edible Easter Basket Idea!

Easter basket rice krispie treats with jelly beans.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

This might make everyone happy! Easter nest cookies

Easter breakfast biscuits

Easter Basket Cookie Cups |

Easter Eggs

Bunny Ear Easter Cupcakes Recipe

Easter Egg Popsicles

Cute, easy-to-make Easter basket cupcakes........takes you to the Six Sisters' Stuff website loaded with all types of food and family activity ideas

Cute Easter Basket Cookies

Easter Cupcakes

Make Easter carrots by dipping strawberries in white chocolate with orange food coloring!… @ Home Ideas and Designs

Too cute and very easy! Use Cadbury mini eggs and a simple basketweave technique to accomplish this festive easter basket cake!