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  • Chelsey Outcalt

    Would be an awesome birthday cake - could do with skittles, m&m;'s or jellybeans. Janelle! Anniversary cake?!

  • Laura Nezat

    Really Awesome and Colorful Cake!!! I wouldn't use this for a Wedding Cake. However it would make an Awesome Birthday Cake (just not so many tiers)!

  • Jynx Di Iettura

    Rainbow Wedding. Jelly Bean Rainbow Ombre Wedding Cake. Seven/7 Tier/Layer.

  • Paige Hopkins

    How awesome is this dramatic, rainbow cake?! #weddingcakes This is cool, but I wouldnt use it as a wedding cake, more like a b-day cake

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Nice job! I love the banners as toppers on cakes. It looks so festive ;)

So sweet! A cake covered in (frosting) roses.

sewing notions cake @Kim Hines since you're not supposed to bake your own bday cake... I need you to make this for me, k thanks :)

"Beautifully detailed rainbow cake." The almost beaded look reminds me of an Indian motif, and the bright colours are enthralling just to look at. (Of course, I have no doubts that this would also be a tasty cake to eat. :D )

clever decorative technique - s03 by riseandshinebakery, via Flickr

2 white cake mixes = 8 layers. Bake @350- 15 minutes, 4 at a time fit. It took A LOT of frosting= 5 cubes of butter, 3# sugar, etc. But you really can't get away with less or your layers show through the sides. I decorated with fruit loops around the bottom edge. We cut slices really thin because the cake ends up so tall. Served a lot of people, easily 20. Loved this a lot.

Rainbow butterfly wedding cake- The best way to get a cheap wedding cake is to order the cake from a bakery (DO NOT TELL THEM ITS FOR A WEDDING! or the price goes up!) and have a friend decorate it for you

This cake was made by the Rachel Hill of Planet Cake. Beautiful colors and intricate designs cover the mini wedding cakes in six tiers. This unusual wedding cake was made for a couple for their Indian Bollywood wedding.

Did you know it takes 25 steps to make a wedding cake? It is very labor intensive. 1st you have the cost of the ingredients, then you bake and decorate the cake, you wrap each layer to prevent them from getting soggy. You apply the fondant, if there are any bubbles they are picked out with a special tool. The cost includes the initial design, delivery and set-up at the venue. The biggest value for your money is the love that goes into creating that perfect cake to complete your special day....

#KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ such a detailed #cake! i would have this as a @Judith Zissman Zissman de Munck Clark cake