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Triggers of Behavior for Autistic Children

EXACTLY why we individualize our behavior analytic treatments. never assume anything - it's a spectrum disorder for a reason!

My 6 year old son is severely autistic. A lot of my time is consumed caring for his needs. It's all worth it, because he's worth it. :)

Autism Numbers and how Sports community can help

I'm lucky to know a couple of amazing mommas of littles on the spectrum. God knew what he was doing when they were matched.

Actually 2 do- and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!! I love you both!

I am a Child With Autism by Kimberly Shane Jc

Just bc they can talk to you doesn't mean they can't understand every thing you are saying right in front of them. Please don't be cruel. Feelings can b hurt even though they can't communicate it to you. Aggression is a communicator that some thing is wrong!!!!!!

Autism.. It is real and it is my life. Shut your slutty over used mouth about my son. My kid isn't a brat with a excuse your daughter is a child that is suffering because her mother is a crack head and you are a attention whore that uses her. Back off on your mouthing .. This is one I will go bat crap crazy on.

If you need any autism ribbon items check out www.fundraisingfo.... They have some great autism items at very low prices. Great for fundraising. I even found a coupon code: FUND123.

Like a Mac in a PC world, the child with autism is hard-wired differently. Not incorrectly--just differently.