doozy bunnyfood: HUGS (via amnemonic:istvic) <3 i hug my brother’s english bulldog like this all the time, he’s such a sweet dog.  POOCHES! There is no more huggable animal in nature.

Have you hugged your dog today?

ha!! #bulldog

gray bulldog.... cute!!!

Great Dane


unconditional love - no matter your path in life, a dog will always follow and be by your side.- ... I can't take this. sweet.

A mother tiger lost her cubs due to premature labour. Shortly after, she became depressed and her health declined. She was later diagnosed with depression. Since tigers are endangered, every effort was made to secure her health. Zoologists wrapped piglets up in tiger-print cloth, and presented them to the mother tiger. She now loves these piglets and treats them like her own. And needless to mention, her health is back on track. ♥

I NEED him. <3

Bulldog Black Cotton Socks for ladies (size 9-11),

Adorable French Bulldog!!


Just a puppy at heart <3

hello beautiful you look amazing today! dog funny bulldog mirror bathroom towel

puppy love <333

True love

soo cute:))


#English #Bulldogs

All You Need Is Love and a Labrador - Mug