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  • Jessica Tommarello

    29 Big boob problems, so funny! I can relate to almost all of it!

  • Maggie

    Busty girl problems.. I have them and this made me laugh so hard. So true

  • Bethany Beck

    Downward-facing dilemma. True. So true, but really, it's like that for most yoga poses.

  • Kristina Johnson

    busty girl problems. Funny but sadly true....

  • Nicky Addison

    Busty girl perks and problem! Just started doing Yoga, I can't stop laughing

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Wearing a cardigan today... I usually just let it fall to the sides, it's easier than struggling with keeping it in the front lol!

I don't even find this one funny because it's so painfully true. I actually had a friends mom In (elementary) school who stopped letting her daughter hang out with me because I was to "Boy crazy". Uhh, no. I was less so than the daughter. I just had unnaturally big boobs for 11 years old (it felt unnatural at least). She acted as if I asked for puberty to strike so soon for attention.

This happens to me all the time!!!!

from my mom: Here you go Jess, just for you.......busty girl problems | been there! hahahaha!!!

I say this all the time to my cat when he tries to flatten me out to his liking! (TMI?)

So true - more like built-in-elastic that will give you quadraboob - or elastic you have to pull so far down that it defeats the purpose of wearing a camisole . . . .

It is something you don't think of, unless you have them.... so... been there, done that.

Busty Girl Problems... Seriously, everytime

Once o got pulled over with my seatbelt under my armpit. The officer says "Mamm, do u always wear your seatbelt that way? And may I ask why?" I looked him dead honest in the eye and grabbed my boobs "Have ya seen the things? Their freakin' huge!" I said with a shake. He laughed... No ticket.

hahahahahahahahaha !!! because once you find the one that works you know it will get ruined the second you wash it even with a garmet bag for the washer //cj

12 Problems that only busty girls have.....lmao