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Unnasuming from the outside, Tadao Ando's 'Church of Light' inspires the devout from the inside.

19th Century, Marble Mandalay Buddha: At the end of the 18th Century a new style of Buddha images emerged in Burma. Centered around the city of Mandalay which was considered the heart of Burma’s Buddhist art, thanks to the patronage of King Mandon, a devout Buddhist himself. Mandalay Period art focused on a realism in the features of the Buddha and his attire. The style of the faces is oval with long, pointed noses, full lips and almond eyes defined by clear eyebrows. Elongated to the should...

satnam shri waheguru... we are the lucky ones who got this oppurtunity to see such a auspcious thing of our SACHE PATSHAH SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI






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Zen Buddhism

Intro to Buddhism

Guru Dev Singh, "Sat Nam Rasayan. Arte della cura"

Guru Singh from Yoga Revolution site




om namah shivaya

Om namah Shivaya

om namah shivaya

prayer beads.

Basilicata journey

Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church

St. Padre Pio


Lovers Tantra: The Buddha Within