Petoskey stone

Petoskey Stones from Lake Michigan

Petoskey Stone, a form of fossilized coral only found in Lake Michigan

Petoskey stones on Lake Michigan.

Petoskey Stones were formed by the fossilization of ancient coral, Hexagonaria.  The coral lived in shallow waters.  Petoskey Stones are found on many beaches of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, as well as in rock quantities from Traverse City to Alpena.  The honeycomb patterned stone has a hardness from 4 to 5.

Petoskey Stones, the state stone of Michigan, are fossilized coral resulting from glaciation and are often polished to reveal the beautiful pattern of the 6 sided coral colonies. #Geology #Petoskey_Stone #Michigan

Petoskey stones

Growing Stones - An Incredible Geological Phenomena -

exquisite sand-dollar shell fossil

I recently saw this in a magazine -- I'm geeked to have found it at The Social Dept. #misplacedmichigander

Petrified wood

Bright, lustrous crystals of Native Copper. From the Calumet & Hecla Mine, Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan.

Garnet Inclusion in Diamond This stone is classified as "flawed" but I don't think so

Petoskey Stones are the fossilized remains of a coral that grew in Michigan 350 million years ago. Petoskey means "rays of rising sun" in Indian. This stone is found nowhere else in the world.

Petoskey stones. Only in Michigan.

Mackinac Island...and the petoskey stone, only found in Michigan...

Colorful fossilized coral, from Indonesia. This material is often drab or monotone, so good, solid pieces with strong hues are few and far between. This one has rich coloration, One can clearly see the stone's unmistakeable one-of-a-kind pattern of flower-like starbursts. Hence the name 'flowers of the sea', as it is sometimes known. The stone is actually composed of the highly silicated fossil remains of colonial sea coral, many millions of years old! 58x24mm/56 carats

Petoskey Stone

“Cleopatra Emerald” - 40,175 carts (cts) making it the largest emerald in the world

Petoskey Stone Flowy Tank – Live. Love. Michigan.

Agatized Fossilized Coral