Nutcracker Listening Map

Rodeo listening map

Orchestral Musical Instrument Sounds

Monster Mash 2010.avi - YouTube ( Line Dance )

Smartbord Ode to Joy Boomwacker Notebook File

Lectura rítmica "Sleigh Ride" Leroy Anderson - YouTube

Neat Listening Map for Beethoven's 5th

Introduction to instruments of the orchestra. 5 minutes

Song "Instruments of the Orchestra" - Children's Music Video - YouTube

Tons of free printable flash cards. Can be made into 3-part cards for reading, matching, vocabulary development

"Lady Create-a-lot: A GOLDMINE of FREE Online Music Education games, videos, and printables"

what instrument am i? Great for "super fun music day" activity.

Awesome arrangement for "somebody i used to know" for orff accompaniment! Buchanan Music

Online instruments of the orchestra quiz. Students listen to and then identify the instrument! LOVE THIS! have used it many times! PE

Great story about instrument families - Part 1 (Melody Street)

Nutcracker plate routine

Great listening idea.

Unit: Instruments of the Orchestra A unit about the instruments of the orchestra is frequently included in music education curricula around the world and there are lots of free resources online to help you introduce or expand upon the topic. Here are some of the links that I have found over the years. How orchestral

GREAT kindergarten activity for music class! Definitely trying this one! Like the groups around hula hoops idea!

Music Around the World Video: neat way for students to hear music from different countries while broadening their cultural perspectives.

listen by composer, instrument, or music theory. games & activities, too!