Nutcracker Listening Map

Rodeo listening map

Orchestral Musical Instrument Sounds

Monster Mash 2010.avi - YouTube ( Line Dance )

March from Nutcracker plate routine

Lectura rítmica "Sleigh Ride" Leroy Anderson - YouTube

Nutcracker March....great movement activity!

Diagram of a Listener

Song "Instruments of the Orchestra" - Children's Music Video - YouTube

Neat Listening Map for Beethoven's 5th

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! RETEACH Down Down with movements… the kids will love this!!! PE Down Down Baby from New England Dancing Masters - YouTube

Free printable flashcards!! Tons!!! Turn them into 3pc's!

Disney's way to teach about intstruments! Super cute. 2nd grade.

An entire musical series about the "instrument families" by Trisha Speed Shaskan--"Around the World with the Percussion Family", "Opening Night with the Woodwind Family", The Brass Family on Parade", "The Keyboard Family Takes Center Stage", "The String Family in Harmony!"


Instrument Families video

Holiday Lesson Plan with Nutcracker Listening Glyph

Easy bucket drum routine to Trepak from the Nutcracker!

quarter note, eighth notes, quarter rest *play along for 1st!

Nutcracker for kids (9 minutes long)

Caterpillar rhythms - I use these at instrument stations - and we relate that each circle with a rhythm on it is one beat - each caterpillar is a measure!