Nanyuki, Kenya

Noura Abdulraheem

Remember standing up on the swing to get airborne and getting that scared feeling in your stomach, but laughing all the way.


Vladimir Tolman : "Swallows" 1930s

by Heartsease-- omg awesome! I so want to do this for my family photo! Maybe more light so we can see everyone in our little "family tree"



Boys' Dance Shirt for Ballet | boysdancetoo. - the dance store for men


Ferdinando SCIANNA :: New York City, 1985

“In the presence of real tragedy you feel neither pain nor joy nor hatred, only a sense of enormous space and time suspended, the great doors open to black eternity, the rising across the terrible field of that enormous, unanswerable question.”


Kids & bubbles..such simple pleasure! Pray for all children! Do what you can for justice!



Black + white ball.


Degas' The Dance Studio depicts a pastel study of dancers and their graceful movements. Crew length socks featuring the famous study by Edgar Degas (c. 1878), The Dance Studio - available in Blue & Pink. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.

Psalms 149:3 Let them praise His name in the dance