this is literally the best thing ever omg

Oh god... Hahahaha

hahahahaha AYYY MACARENA

Youll never be as fancy as this bird...

Look at this Cat of the Day: Felines in Tights Are Sew in Right Now Well, I know what I'm doing tonite!

best thing ever

Cinderella - how funny is this!

hahaha soooo true when you're asked to "partner up" in anything and you have a friend there.



This might just be the best thing I've ever seen.

Quite possibly the funniest Obama thing I've seen!

@Marisa Fernandez

Mean Hunger Potter

Omg best thing ever

hahaha, oh State Farm...

i literally cannot stop laughing... hahah

This is the funniest thing EVER I was crying laughing!!

oh my word will's face is priceless

i love scott.