adorable outfit

boots with a cute dress

casual/chic summer outfit


<3 <3 <3

teen fashion


Perfect for summer

mint on mint

love off the shoulder

fall outfits


Country Chic, $36.00 - that shirt is JUST what I've been looking for ALL my life!

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sweet southern outfit. country girl #Fun #Fashionable #Friday with #Capri #Jewelers #Arizona ~ ♥

perfect outfit for mountain trip

10 Day Packing List 20 pieces in a carry-on for Day wear built from my Capsule wardrobe. #packinglist #travellight #capsule

I literally just applied for a job with them today. They're awesome. Seriously, go check them out. Especially all you engaged folk out there! They have a lot of wedding decoration stuff that is ADORABLE and affordable. You won't be disappointed!