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    • Bonnie Koenig

      Laricifomes officinalis is a wood-decay fungus in the order Polyporales. This species can reach great dimensions and bears fruit in the form of columns. Lacriformes grows on wood, primarily coniferous trees and has a very bitter taste which makes it inedible.

    • Troy Monger

      The ghosts bread sitting in a tree This photo was taken during a trip to British Columbia (Canada) from mycologist Paul Stamets Laricifomes seeking officinalis.

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    Caesar's Mushroom (Amanita caesarea) ~ By Monika Belková. Once this beautiful mushroom fully erupts the cap will open and 'blush' on the top to an orange/red usually...the gills will be yellow as will the stem/skirt.

    Nidulariacea - bird nest's fungi

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    Colus amazing stinkhorn species!

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    **Red squid mushroom...stinks to high heaven

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    Rainforest Fungi. Photo by Michael Snedic.

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    Aseroe rubra | Australia

    Anthracophyllum archeri

    Squid mushroomstretch into something macabre way, the colorful, red fingers, the receptacle out. The overall structure reminiscent finally actually a squid. Its sickening smell attracts flies which receive the receptacle on the dribbling distributed olivgrünliche spore mass. The type originated in Australia and first appeared in 1938 in Germany.

    Flammulina velutipes

    "Sweating Tree Fungus" Red Banded Polypore (Fomitopsis pinicola)

    Darwin's Fungus or Indian Bread (Cyttaria Darwinii) non-toxic and have a nutritional value similar to that of many other edible fungi.

    The Witch's Hat, Hygrocybe Conica ~ (Blackening Waxcap)

    Cookiena tricholoma by MycoImage

    Polypore mushrooms

    Purple-spored Puffball

    Favolaschia pustulosa by New Zealand Wild, via Flickr

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    Xylaria hypoxylon is an inedible species of fungus