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    The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time) - The Princess and her Secret

    Animated Zelda Essentials by Tyler Morgan

    oh Austin

    xradiosity: Groose totally did that thing where he pointed to Link’s shirt and then popped his nose. jerk. < OMGT YES AHAHAHA



    ❤️The Legend of Zelda



    this is adorable!

    Racing for Rupees [SFM] (WHAT IN HYRULE DID I JUST WATCH?? AHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS GREAT the expressions though.)

    Gannondork - Legend of Zelda

    Haha, Zant in the background! < IM DYING

    just stop please

    Hyrule Warriors looks great...


    Zelda Sketches

    xradiosity: A super fancy Gala OoT!Zelda!! it was arkhaia ‘s birthday last sunday! I had to do something nice for her since she’s been a total ray of sunshine for me while I’ve been going thru some tough times. ; v; so I wanted to make her something special and hand made. ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Twitter |Youtube | Prints

    Midna and Link by Milnoe

    stupid walk gif tumblr - Google Search

    !!??!!??WHAT IS GOING ON << do not question why this is just let it happen

    Link might not be the best storyteller


    Zelda x Link

    By esseoldershaw #Zelda #E32015 #WiiU