That's rough, buddy. NICO

I am NOT a Pernico/Perico shipper. The drawing is just too perfect. I mean, just look at Nico's hair.

Nico says NO!!!

Nico Di Angelo. Poor Nico. Lost his sister, has to be a son of Hades, and doesn't know where he belongs.

The ghost king. Nico di Angelo

Nico di Angelo by Viria


That's rough, buddy. Nico with a pony tail!

“He spread his hands. In front of the Romans, the ground erupted. Five skeletons clawed out of the earth. Cecil and Lou Ellen charged in to help. Nico tried to follow, but he would’ve fallen on his face if Will hadn’t caught him. ‘You idiot.’ Will put an arm around him. ‘I told you no more of that Underworld magic.’ ‘I’m fine.’ ‘Shut up. You’re not.” | art by brunagonda

I throw myself into the sea. Release the wave. Let it wash over me. To face the fear I once believed. By: Viria

That's rough, buddy. part 9/9 by Viria on tumblr


Part 1/4 Check out this just random scene of Nico and a sceleton cat. And if you can't tell it's the first of four.

all because of this post. proof number 1243124 viria loves bromances.

I really love the way Viria draws Piper, especially the hair.

Are you two done, ah, geeking out, as they say?’

I luv nico

Nico, you're just gonna have to get used to it

Viria - Harry Potter and Percy Jackson -I don't think Percy wold say that... but I do find this funny XD

Frank wasn’t sure what Nico was thinking. He had a hard time imagining Nico di Angelo acting out of love for anybody, except maybe Hazel.

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