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  • Luisa Vasconcelos

    Nico di Angelo. So there's this story going on about him that is making many people angry, happy, excited, very sad. We don't know if it's true, but this is the link for it (******SPOILER ALERT!!! ****) : (IT'S PRETTY CHOCKING xD)

  • dominique McClain

    How can u hate Nico

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Hahaha poor Nico....i like how first the chash register says 'moneh' then 'cash' then 'moolah'

Nico di Angelo-- I'm sorry I don't know the artist

I throw myself into the sea Release the wave Let it wash over me To face the fear I once believed

The Ghost King (guys!! go look up Monster by Imagine Dragons if you haven't heard it already. it fits Nico so well it's scary)

by cintimon: "I finally realized that I really kind of missed Bianca. Probably not as much as Nico did, but still. :’)"

Nico: battle ready oh my goodness Attack on Titan Percy Jackson crossover!

Why does he have to love a certain other demigod? ( trying to avoid hoh spoiling) uncle rick broke my heart!

Nico diAngelo. I love how this drawing really shows his strength and determination, but you can definitely see that he is only thirteen. I wish I could draw like this.

krkrandcat: The Lonely King Nico di Angelo. I feel so much for this kid. I’m not done with The House of Hades yet, but man, he needs some love. That book made me cry the other day. Please stop picking on my favorite character.

by "what are the rules on adopting demigods" // yesyes, what are the rules? I need to know.

I throw myself into the sea. Release the wave. Let it wash over me. To face the fear I once believed. By: Viria

lead me home..(x) I don't know really, I was thinking about something and then it turned into Nico wearing headphones and then this song started playing and I thought Nico'd probably enjoy it. - Viria