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Hazel Levesque♥ -- What's up with her shirt...? SPQR

Hazel controlling the Mist.<<<< I really love how the artist drew her with like a six pack.

Hazel Levesque (This is probably one of my favorite drawings of her!)

Hazel Levesque. She was GREAT in HoH! I was so glad that she got a big part! She and Frank both played HUGE parts! And people underestimated them...psh!

This is random lol one person I think i look like is Hazel Levesque I'm going to read Percy Jackson Soon!! Can't wait!!

Hazel Levesque. I feel like she is so underestimated. I'm looking forward to BoO for her to have a larger role now that she can control the Mist.

Hazel Levesque, I like this one because she really looks young. Sometimes people forget that she is.

OMG. This is the best drawing of hazel i have ever seen. AMAZING