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    Luke, Son of Hermes

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    well I mean he's dead now but still. This makes a lot of sense...

    Forbidden (A Luke Castellan Love Story) ~ Story by: WriterManiac1 ~ "Book Cover"

    Meanwhile in the Hermes cabin : "The first rule of money is never use your own."

    you haven't lived until youve seen this gif

    Sons of Poseidon, never do normal.

    Annabeth Chase / Luke Castellan / Thalia Grace

    The most important rule in my life. Why did it take a character death for me to learn it?

    The Hermes Cabin is SO dead....... <- Ya I probably am... **** Yeah... Though im not Athena cabin i share the same hatred (means im terrified them) of spiders as them. Im Hephaetus cabin...


    Leo Valdez gif. It's actually pretty funny.

    Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan

    Bianca di Angelo, Zoë Nightshade, Lee Fletcher, Castor, Daedalus, Charles Beckendorf, Michael Yew, Silena Beauregard, Ethan Nakamura, and Luke Castellan


    Percy Jackson

    Luke, Son of Hermes


    Respect Luke Castellan. He may have done something bad, but remember that in his mind it was right. In his mind it felt right at first.

    Omg Viria is the best. Caleo

    Oh Hermes you knower of things.