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    Luke, Son of Hermes

    Meanwhile in the Hermes cabin : "The first rule of money is never use your own."

    Leo Valdez gif. It's actually pretty funny.

    Sad hug. Percy and Nico< I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH *harp seal velociraptor combo fangirls*

    Viria drew herself as a demigod for the PJO Fanzine! I love this ♥ Viria is amazing.

    Percy Jackson. Getting claimed... This scene gives me goosebumps.


    Respect Luke Castellan. He may have done something bad, but remember that in his mind it was right. In his mind it felt right at first.

    Happy birthday to Percy Jackson, the hero- loyal, brave, heroic, courageous, true friend, sassy, sarcastic, friend and boyfriend, and our Seaweed Brain.

    Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan

    FEELZ. THEY ARE ATTACKING. *falls into Tartarus*

    I bet this is how Luke was claimed when he and Annabeth reached Camp Half-Blood.

    The Son of Neptune

    Luke, Son of Hermes

    Ella and Tyson art cred- I wish we got to hear more about them! So cute!

    Luke Castellan, folks. Luke Castellan.

    Who would put a son of Poseidon on an island???>>>>>Percy's right! llllllll haha I love Percy so much!!! He's hilarious!

    by viria: "So, this is my first piece for ‘Ladies of Literature’ Project, which is going to be sold online for crarity when the project gets started. I decided to choose Lily Evans obviously:3"

    Oh Hermes you knower of things.