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    Thalia grace and Luke Castellan}are you trying to break my feels?!?!?!

    Luke Castellan at Thalia's tree. Do you hear that sound? Yeah that's my heart shattering into a thousand tiny pieces.

    I ship them.....but LUKE IS GONE and Thalia is an Immortal maiden. Thanks a lot Rick!

    Luke---- I had to, and I'm not really even that sorry....

    Luke looks so EVIL in this picture!!! I never pictured him looking so dark... was I wrong?

    Luke is not amused by *FlockeInc on deviantART. AHHAHAHAHAHA I'M DYING...DYING...dead. xD

    Luke Castellan, I love him so much :...(<----Melting into a puddle of tears......

    Luke Castellan - why I've never seen this before. I love it!!

    by vanderwolf: Luke Castellan - that's pretty close to how I imagine him... But no scar?

    Luke Castellan and Hermes XD This is terrible but so hilarious!!!!!!