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Hahaha this would totally happen! Although Im not obsessed or crazy about Percy Jackson, this is hilarious.

Well that was a slight overreaction

The Hermes Cabin is SO dead....... <- Ya I probably am... **** Yeah... Though im not Athena cabin i share the same hatred (means im terrified them) of spiders as them. Im Hephaetus cabin... <<<< I think spiders are cool...

Luke and Thalia slept together like everyday but percy and Annabeth do it once and they get in so much trouble

Viria drew all the guys shirtless. Oh my gods. I know Percy Jason and Frank have their girls nut how do the others not have girls oh wait I know Luke is dead and Thalia is a hunter << Oh. My. Gosh!

I’ve been thinking how not satisfied I was with Calypso’s design lately, so I ended up drawing her. I am not yet sure about this one either, but at least I like it.. A quick sketch, that I apparently desided to give a little colour to get the idea. I hope her hair didn’t turn too ginger?

Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, and Luke Castellan. I really would love another spinoff series in Luke's perspective, like a prequel to PJO when the three of them are on the run....