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Silurian Period Facts: Climate, Animals & Plants

The Paleozoic Era occurred from about 542 million years ago to 251 million years ago. It was a time of great change on Earth. Underwater life thrived during the Silurian Period, 443 million years ago to 416 million years ago.

the Ordovician, a few animals and plants began to explore the margins of the land, but nothing colonised beyond these beachheads, so the majority of life was still confined to the seas. The period experienced a 500,000 year long ice age, triggered by the drift of the supercontinent, Gondwana, to the south polar regions. The Ordovician ended with a mass extinction. Began:495 million years ago 443 million years ago


Giraffe Watercolor Art Print

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Self-Taught Student Photographer Explores Simple Beauty Through Composites

I am Annija Veldre from Latvia, a 21-year-old self-taught artist. I take creative fine art photos and Photoshop manipulations to capture the essence of beauty in the connection of human, nature and animal.

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Velociraptor: Facts About the 'Speedy Thief'