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  • Jessica Baker

    Smart Gloves - special thumb and index finger tips that let you use touch screens. Need this by december.

  • Mariel Donoso

    Smart Gloves (let you use your touchscreen while keeping hands toasty)

  • Whitney Noftsier

    Gloves with special fingertips so you can still use your touch screen. I want this but in mitten form with a special thumb tip!

  • Amy Feldman

    Smartphone gloves.

  • Kristiina

    When I decide to buy an iPhone. Gloves with special fingertips so you can still use your cell phone.

  • Conner

    ha! all these things to get with my new smart phone! gloves with special fingertips so you can still use your touch screen.

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I would love these if I lived somewhere that I needed to wear gloves! Smart phone smart!

Can we get these in the US? Etre Five Point Gloves: Wool gloves with special tips which let you use your touchscreen. #Gloves #TouchScreen #Etre

eLink™ fabric panels on the index finger and thumb for easy manipulation of touch-screen electronics. ** I have these in Chartreuse and LOVE them!

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If only my brother was on Pinterest. These are can use your smart phone while you wear them!

with votive cup holder for bathroom such a cool idea- smart- i already store my cotton balls in a blue ball jar like that.

texting gloves...such a good idea, your fingers don't get cold but you can still work your touch pad whatever gizmo

Kate Spade Leather Bow Gloves with tech-friendly fingertips...

hello! these are a must for winter... now you can iphone your heart out without freezing to death...