Mia Farrow smoking

Mia Farrow

David Lynch I actually met him at the Twin Peaks Lodge. right after they opened the movie. I got his autograph on one of the lodges cards. It is really called the Shalish Lodge.

Claudia Cardinale.

This is fabulous! Wolf "smoke", black and white #photography

Jolie and her smoke

Mia Farrow // those lashes

She was late for the show; BUT she's gorgeous and amazing, so it's okay! LOVE RIHANNA!

We all wear a mask throughout our life that we believe defines who we are. We are defined by our appearances, wealth, or knowledge. Hamlet realizes that we are all going to take off our masks at death. Underneath our mask we are all inherently the same.



Tippi Hedron , 1963, she put up with the torture of Hitchcock for The Birds and Marnie, a very strong blonde indeed.woman.

Mia Farrow in Vogue, 1967 by David Bailey http://curtiscape.tumblr.com/post/8412998770/paperspots-mia-farrow-in-vogue-1967


Tim Roth



Un regard noir...

The ultimate 60s icon - Twiggy. Showing us how to rock a pixie crop and spiked lashes #60s #Makeup #VintageBeauty

Jeanne Moreau by David Bailey (1964)

Fame Culture --- Barbra Streisand