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  • Tracee Orman

    Delicious Library 2 - For Mac users, this is a wonderful resource! I use it to keep track of my classroom books. When I scan the book (using the webcam), I can check it out to anyone in my address book. It also links with iCal and reminds when they are due. So awesome & easy to use! Keep track of everything/anything with a ISBN.

  • Sarah Morrison

    “Wait, I just hold a CD or DVD or video game or book or whatever up to my webcam, and it magically reads the UPC and downloads that item’s cover and all pertinent information about it, and displays all my stuff on photorealistic shelves? I’ll take it! Right now! This is why I bought a computer in the first place! ” But a few people are skeptical, or slightly less obsessive. “Ok,” they say, “then I have my stuff in my computer. Big whoop. I can just look at my real shelf, right now, for free.” And we say, “True, but have you ever had someone break in and steal all your CDs or DVDs? Your insurance company wants an exact list of what you had, but you can’t remember every last thing, and so for years afterwards you think, ‘Drat, I forgot to list Rocky Horror Picture Show, and now it’s too late!’ Well, with Delicious Library you always have a complete inventory of your stuff, with replacement costs. You can print it or back it up to the web, so it’s not going anywhere. “Or, have you ever loaned a book or DVD or $200 DeWalt Cordless Driver to a friend, and forgotten which friend? And then bought another? With Delicious Library you just drag any item onto any friend from your Address Book, and it’ll remember the loan for you — and even put an entry in iCal reminding you when it’s due. Or maybe you have something lying around you don’t use, like an out-of-print book, that’s worth serious bucks and you don’t know it? Because with Delicious Library 2 you always know the current value of your things, and can put your used items up for sale with three clicks. Or maybe you just want to publish your library to the web and share it with your friends...” At this point, usually the only people who aren’t buying are the ones who don’t own Macs. To them, we say: we’re sorry. For the rest of you... enjoy.

  • Kate Daly

    Delicious Library home inventory

  • Kate Olson

    Delicious Library 2 is the greatest way for me to keep a tab on my classroom library and see what books I have! This helps too because I can write notes on what books I can use for certain lessons. Would recommend to anyone!!! For $30 bucks, best idea ever!

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I think this is a great idea! I am always on the look out for recommendations and I think this is a creative way of doing it.

Coolest Thing EVER!!! This is a FREE site and App that allows you to scan all your books and creates a classroom library collection. Then you go online and set-up a class list and your students can check out books! Sooo awesome, a must check out for sure!!!!

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