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For the people that say - why do you do it, it's sweaty and yucky and your hair looks awful at the end! What Michael Jordan says...

"I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat." -Michael Jordan Hard work pays off.


No babysitter? No excuses! I am so sick of mothers who have kids totally capable of watching themselves say, I CAN'T-I have no one to watch my kids.who do you think watches my old and 2 yr old the time. Suck it up.NO EXCUSES!

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How to Apply Muscle Activation Therapy


Runner Things When you have such a good workout, it clears everything up mentally, physically, and you just have a better day.

Water is SOOO important!  Carry a water bottle around to remember to get water in you!  This has been helpful for me! :)  www.facebook.com/...

Stop drinking soda! It takes eight glasses of water to flush out the chemicals in 1 soda. How much water to drink per day: Start with your weight; divide in half and drink that many ounces of water each and every day.

You can do it!

wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. my routine is now working out when i wake up and before i go to bed, and i really really really don't want to work out right now lol.

Marietta McClure Fitness: Quick Interval Workout

So true. I don't like the girls at the gym who are just there to show off their cute workout clothes or body—with their makeup and hair just perfect, even after they're done "working out". And makeup id do bad for your skin while working out!

Hold yourself accountable

// I love this quote/thought/idea Yesterday you Said Tomorrow Just do it

So true!!

fit quote: saying "oh, I've already ruined my good eating today. I'll just eat like crap" is like saying "oh, I dropped my phone on the floor. I'll just smash it til it breaks.


You constantly have to change up your workout or your body gets use to it. Every week change it up or make sure you are cross training so your body is using different muscles all the time.

Motivation #Playlist

Great -- make a 45 minute playlist and don't stop until it does. Make it your goal - you'll have something to strive for that's within reach! 45 minutes, you can do it!