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Gorgeous silver tabby cat ~ Oh my he know's it too. ♥

Back porch feline getting some nap time and soaking up some rays.

So tired, tired of waiting for you.

And when you do fall asleep, it's often with a book still in your hands.

I've resorted to sending Tim cat pictures and begging for one. We'll see how long he can hold out.

I love cats of all types. pure white cats are hard to find My sister had one once she named her Heaven. I had a black one named in Midnight.

A year ago my cat was hit by a car.... this is him today. - Imgur

Cats leave paw prints on your heart. This cat looks just like my Sterling aka baby

Humph...all this junk weighing me down around me Gregory (neck)! S)

Sitting like a human! I love when my cat sits like this!!

I got up to check on my chili cookin' in the crock pot and came back to this! Watson stole my seat!