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Sciatica: Essential oils are perfect anti inflammatories as well as pain blockers. They relax the muscle so that it doesn't pull on the spine which then releases the pressure on the nerve.

Tired of migraine pain, headaches and dreaded sinuses? This cap contours the neck, eyes and sinus area with a unique design and helps to relieve your tension. It features a removable neck pack that allows the option of hot, cold or a combination of hot and cold therapies. Shop more #wellness at

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How to make garlic oil for ear infections

Garlic oil is great for ear infections. Slice garlic, cover with olive oil. Let garlic sit in oil for a few hours until you smell that garlic aroma. You can also gently warm to oil for about 5 minutes. The oil should not be hot!. You should be able to stick your finger in the oil and not get burned. Remove garlic from oil, now the oil is ready to use.

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25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil

25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil - Keeper of the Home



Homemade 'Vicks Vapor Rub' - All Natural!

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Top 12 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil - #health #Infographics #wellness

12 Amazing Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

Amazing Ear Infection remedy. You'll know if there is an infection and treat it at the SAME TIME. Pinning and reading later need to check this out.

Coconut Oil-Ear Infection Remedy It has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial properties, and a quick Google search showed that it would be very beneficial. A few warmed (not hot) drops in the ear to sooth & heal an ear infection.

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Natural Remedies for Burns, Bites, and Stings

Natural Remedies for Burns, Bites, and Stings | Summer goes hand in hand with outdoor adventures. With the sun shining and the lure of swimming, kids out of school are free to spend their days playing outside. But burns, bites, and stings can stop that summer fun dead in its tracks. Thankfully, several natural remedies will have you back to enjoying summer activities in no time! |

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Sinus Infection Treatment – Natural Remedies and Prevention

Natural Remedies For Sinus Infections

How to take away spider veins on your legs...use mustard oil...warm and massage your feet and legs twice a day until veins are healed ...the other remedies you have to eat or drink