British Royalty. King George Vi

King George VI and his wife in 1940 with Winston Churchill, who ordered the BBC to cut stammers and pauses out of the monarch's speeches because the king suffered from stuttering.

King George VI; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

Last photograph of King George VI before he died.

George VI (1895-1952), father of Queen Elizabeth II. He became king unexpectedly when his brother Edward VII abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. He had a terrible stammer, but nevertheless gave speeches and radio broadcasts. A heavy smoker, he had a lung removed when a malignant tumor was discovered. He died of coronary thrombosis at the age of 56. His wife, the Queen Mother, outlived him by 50 years.

Look a likes. Queen Elizabeth compared to her grandmother, Mary, wife to George V. Princess Eugenie (daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson) compared to her great-grandmother, who was Queen Elizabeth's mother.

King George VI of England, died at age 56 of lung cancer and a heart attack

Volume 1: Page 24. Picture 8. British Royalty. 1896. Duchess of York (originally Mary of Teck) who later became Queen Mary (regined 1910-1936) by marriage to King George V. Pictured with her second son Prince Albert (later King George VI).

Four Generations of British Sovereigns. Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King Edward VIII

  This lovely ceramic mug was created by Booths, England for the coronation in 1937 of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth who are the parents of Queen Elizabeth

A rare photo showing all of King George V and Queen Mary's children in the later childhood or teens. Back row : Prince Albert, Prince Edward and Prince Henry; front row : Prince John, Princess Mary and Prince George. circa 1915

King George VI and the Queen Mother....

Prince Charles with his grandfather King George VI

I love this pic.

King George V and Queen Mary with their granddaughter Princess Elizabeth of York (later Queen Elizabeth II).

I love this one because it's rather non-traditional for royalty. (British Royal Family- Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 1951 by Yousuf Karsh)

The Queen Mother and King George VI on the balcony on their wedding day.

Bertie - Duke of York - later King George VI, Father of Princess Margaret Rose and the future Queen Elizabeth II. Nephew of Czar Nicholas II, Grandson of King Edward, Great-Grandson of Queen Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth II and grandchildren

Early 1980's Great Britain 10 Pounds Queen Elizabeth Florence Nightingale

King George VI.