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The Reluctant King. Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George (1895--1952), 2nd son of King George V of England and the one his father wanted to succeed him. That wish came true when Albert's older brother, King Edward VIII, abdicated, paving the way for Prince Albert to become King George VI. His daughter, Elizabeth II succeeded him.

George VI (1895-1952), father of Queen Elizabeth II. He became king unexpectedly when his brother Edward VII abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. He had a terrible stammer, but nevertheless gave speeches and radio broadcasts. A heavy smoker, he had a lung removed when a malignant tumor was discovered. He died of coronary thrombosis at the age of 56. His wife, the Queen Mother, outlived him by 45 years.

King George V (1865-1936) was known as 'The Sailor King' because he was in the Navy when his older brother Eddy suddenly died at age 27, leaving him heir to the throne. Eddy had been engaged to Mary of Teck; George and Mary married a year after Eddy's death. He became King in 1910 after the death of Edward VIII. He was a homebody who disliked going into 'society'; his primary hobbies were hunting and stamp collecting. A heavy smoker, he had lung problems for much of his later life.


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William, spitting image of his mom.

The women of the British Royal Family, even though Sarah Ferguson is no longer an actual member of the royal family. The Duchesses of Gloucester and Kent are married to the Queen's cousins, Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, and Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent. They are grandchildren of King George V in the male line (as is the queen) and are therefore entitled to the style HRH.

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The best king we never had: Why Princess Anne is more man than her brothers and a lot more exciting too

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The Lineage Of The British Royal Family

Lineage of the British Royal Family

1978: Prince and Princess Michael of Kent on their wedding day. He is the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth's cousin. His father was Prince George, Duke of Kent.

It’s hard to maintain that military composure when one’s granny is inspecting! I love how all the others are like ‘It’s the Queen I need to stand straighter and be more professional than I’ve ever been in my entire life’ and William and Harry are just like ‘lol hi Gran!’