Crown jewels of Sweden

Queens Crown with K | ... King/Crown /Rhinestone Imperial Celtic Jewelled Mens Silver blue Crown

This piece was actually part of the russian crown jewels /Romanovs. Romanov ruby necklace purchased by Imelda Marcos. Cartier ruby necklace ... Ruby suite from the Bavarian Crown Jewels

Continental adjustable Contoured Rhinestone Crown Tiara – CrownDesigners

Queen's Consort Crown or Crown of Queen Christina and Queen Maria Eleonora, Sweden (1620; diamonds, rubies, gold, enamel).

The Diamond Diadem, British Crown Jewels

crown jewels of england | Crown Jewels

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Crow crown whose lightness and elegance contrast with other British crowns, was ordered by Queen Victoria for her personal use. She found the Imperial State Crown too heavy, and very much resented the complicated procedures involved when removing the crown from the Tower of London. The small crown is a beautiful crown of heraldic Tudor form, which was made from Queen Victoria’s own expense in 1870. It was the crown perhaps most associated with Queen Victoria .

English Crown Jewels

Romanov Crown Jewels

Crown tiaras - The Burmese ruby tiara.jpg

Fringe Tiara from the French Crown Jewels (lost). This looks so much like the Kent Tiara, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Kent, England.

RHINESTONE MEN'S IMPERIAL CELTIC JEWELLED SILVER VIOLET CROWN Magnificent full crown, made with the best blue clear and violet rhinestones and silver plated metal. This crown will be the perfect addition to your collection or for any prom, carnival, king 3 1/2 inches tall and 7 inches wide with inner metal rings

French Crown Jewels- Such a sweet suite.

Marie Antoinette crown


Danish Crown Jewels

Tiaras of Sweden.

Royal Family of Sweden jewels

Prince of Crown Jewels

Portuguese Crown Jewels, Necklace of the Stars.