Microwave bowl cozy

True Hope and a Future: MICROWAVE BOWL POTHOLDERS - clever idea to make "pattern" for your own bowls and to cut out multiple potholders at once

Microwaveable bowl hot pad!

Guest Tutorial — Make a "Helping Hand" {all-in-one apron/dishtowel/double-handed hot pad apparatus}

Make your own bowl cover tutorial. An easy beginner project. Great for keeping nibbling fingers out of the bowl and could replace plastic wrap if the fabric is water resistant like oilcloth.

Bowl covers--super simple and easy

Tutorial -- Microwave Bowl Potholder and Tutorial

Hot/cold packs. Tutorial

Easy apron pattern

Twill ribbon as a simple color/texture around brown paper wrapped 'item' $8 for five yards or a bulk 72 yards (not sure about price on that)

How To Arrange Flowers In A Bowl

microwave bowl pot holder... Thanks to Seams Happy for her online tutorial that's clear and easy to follow and FREE! :)

▶ DIY Sewing Project Bowl Heat Protectors or Pot Holders - YouTube

These are super easy to make. They are "Microwave Bowl Potholders" that are good for both the microwave and for holding a bowl of ice cream in your hands too. Rita's instructions are very well done up. You'll find them listed on Etsy. Gave some of these out as gifts last Christmas. For those that don't sew, Rita also sells them already made up on Etsy.

a bucket of letters made from scrap fabrics

Coiled sewing tutorial, this one is for a coiled bowl, but technique can be used for rugs, placemats, and much more

easy pot holder tutorial

Syzygy of Me: Microwave Bowl Potholder and Tutorial - what a great idea!

Potholder Sewing Tutorial. My mom used to do this all the time with scraps and old towels.

tea towels and hot pads ~small and quick sewing projects to use fabric scraps- if only I knew how to sew

A Sewing Tutorial on Video! Sew an EASY Potholder in about 6 to 12 Minutes! Easy enough for kids to do, too! Video, shows Christmas quilt fabric, but you can do this in ANY 2 Fabric Prints you'd like! FUN!