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old cassette tape holder used to store ribbon, I see these all the time at the second hand store!!!

Washi tape holder. One block of wood. One wooden 1" dowel cut into three equal parts. Easy peezy.

I like the idea of using a silver bowl for organization on my desk. Lets me use and enjoy something daily that I would normally only use for special occasions.

neat ribbon storage. Love the jump ring on a dowel, but use the ribbon tag holders instead.

Perfect sense ribbon rack. Used many in my day but this one is really great concept and has storage top shelf

North East Corner, Ribbon Rack, Tools, Desk by Crafty Intentions, via Flickr

Like the metal bins- need clear glass or plexiglass square bins for color sorted fabric scraps.

This is a fantastic way of storing ribbon! You can see what you have easily and get to each spool. Definitely going to do this one!!

Typical Gifts of Jewelry, Vases, and Things are Nice. But I'm Waiting For The Day That I Get a Craft Box Full Of Beautiful Ribbon, Twine, Buttons, Etc. I Would LOVE This :) XO

Vintage wire baskets for cute ribbon storage and dispensing.

organzied craft "bits and pieces" holder. I'd love to figure out something that was kid friendly for Sophie to use...but that looked tidy. I'm over the plastic bins thing :/