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It's the smell!!! I love it!!! You get funny looks sniffing a kindle on a bus, but sometimes, not very often, someone will give you a look, as if they know the joy of new book smell : D and no I'm not crazy hehe

  • Val Ryan

    I love actual books, they're amazing, but e-readers are more conveinient. Books on Kindles, cost less and I'm not carrying tons of books around with me. At school I useto carry like 2 to 4 books at a time and it was a pain. With my Kindle it's a lot easier. I have all my favorite books on me at all times and it's not a hassle to carry them around. Also if I finish a book during school, I can get a new one or at least reread a old one. I love books a lot but I like Kindles just as much.

  • Vanessa Tong

    Kindle is magic...and I love magic. With just a swipe of the finger I can have any book, anytime, anywhere. What more do we need in life?

  • Nikita Earle

    I perfer books over kindle. While I see the advantages of having a kindle such as having my entire library on hand, I just don't like the kindle.

  • Caitlin Gonzalez

    Good argument lol

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25 books to help you survive your mid-20s

This was me with the hunger games trilogy and the fault in our stars

10 female writer every woman should read at least once

25 romantic comedies every woman should see

All you need is love, and a library.

So useful

Looking for a great read? Try this list of top book recommendations!

  • Elisabeth Elo

    Some great choices on this list for a good read this winter. Thanks, Amber. :)

Little Women I named my oldest daughter "Laurie" after the kind boy next door to the March family in this book.

Heard this book was "erotic" and "amusing"-after a few rave reviews for it, I'm totally intrigued.

  • Sheri Matthews

    Amazingly awesome trilogy. Read all three in one day. Completely obsessed and possessed by Christian Grey

  • Hang

    The books were addictive! I spent every free minute I had reading the series! I enjoyed the romance and the main characters. However, I felt the series lacks plot and was poorly written. I felt like I was reading a fan fiction (which is what it was original) sloppily edited and rushed to print so the publishers can make money off a romance story.

  • Sheree Turner Coolbaugh

    Read the set...fantastic is all I can say.

  • Lilys Library

    It's a gateway trilogy LOL you won't be able to stop once you start reading books like this!! ;)

  • Sheree Turner Coolbaugh

    I have read all three. I think that they are fantastic! Didn't want the story to end

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