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Dior courtesy of Ms. Hepburn

Dior courtesy of Ms. Hepburn

Women of Style: Jessica Alba

Women of Style: Jessica Alba

March 2013 Jessica Alba WHAT SHE WORE Jessica Alba suited up for the Stella McCartney Paris Fashion Week show in the designers slim black ensemble and coordinating accessories.

Isn't it the most sublime thing to be able to sleep in and lounge all morning long?  Le sigh...  Sultry 1940s/1950s Jane Russell in negligee

A peignoir, which originally meant a dressing gown worn when combing the hair, also refers to an outer garment, sometimes sheer. The word is often used interchangeably with negligee. No doubt Hollywood helped spread their popularity.

Mary Pickford. Silent Film Actress, she founded United Artists, and practically invented acting for the silver screen. She's the woman responsible for moving the film companies from New York to Washington. As a teenager, she played hard ball with biggest businesses in America, and made more money in a week than the average American made in 5 years.

Mary Pickford, 1920s

Mary Pickford, Mary Pickford was a world renowned actress born in Toronto. Films and film making was growing industry, especially in Canada. New technology created films with sound "talkies" instead of silent films.

cMag451 - TV Guide Magazine cover Lucille Ball by Richard Amsel / July 1974

Lucille Ball, TV Guide Cover Art by Richard Amsel. Richard was a huge fan of Miss Ball's and he did many drawings of her.

The Carol Burnett Show, showcasing some great 60s design style. Pinned from Retro Junk - thanks!

Carol Burnett is one of my fav funny ladies. I loved watching Harvey Korman and Tim Conway bust each other up laughing!