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Are we ever prepared when our time is up: to finally grow, transform or transition? And did anyone tell the raven that there's not really any time at all?? Photo by Hartwig HKD

"My Fair Lady," the epic musical film starring Rex Harrison and the lovely Audrey Hepburn, begins with a bet. Can you transform that 'umble flower seller into a la-dy? Oh, men and their bets! :)

This picture depicts what all of us should know, and feel.The thing is, LIFE brings with it hurts that are so blinding to us , we forget who we really are and who God wants us to be. The core of us never changes. Its the outer shell that gets damaged. But there is hope. No matter how we find ourselves TODAY, we can , with Gods help, become who He created us to be . Karolyn April 11, 2013


Metamorphosis: How to Transform Your Spiritual Life


Vertical Gardens in Mexico a Symbol of Progress

Vertical Gardens in Mexico a Symbol of Progress - Mexico city installs vertical gardens. "The vertical garden aims to scrub away both the filth and the image. One of three eco-sculptures installed across the city by a nonprofit called VerdMX, the arch is both art and oxygenator. It catches the eye. And it also helps clean the air." (via NYTimes)