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Luminous Learning Level 2 Math Boosters: This isn't your ordinary workbook. No more “drill and kill” of route math practice that makes math unpleasant and a chore. In its stead, precision, clarity, and supports so as to promote an understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step directions, clear examples, and visual aids build students' confidence, understanding, and appreciation of math.

I like the idea of the number line. It could be used fir skip counting from that number

this website had some good ideas on how to teach "skip counting"; this is the next thing Allen and I are going to work on :)

Teach123 - Tips for Teachersfrom Teach123 - Tips for Teachers

Sklp Counting Tips

Sklp Counting Tips: fun activities to use when teaching skip counting.

Skip Counting - Multiplication Worksheets FYI~ in order to use the worksheets, you must download a program. When I did so, three or four other programs attached themselves to my computer along with a few pop ups. I'm having trouble locating them all so that I can uninstall. The schooling files are great but USE WITH CAUTION!

Free Homeschool Deals ©from Free Homeschool Deals ©

FREE Skip Counting Printable

In these FREE Skip Counting Printables from 3 Dinosaurs you will find: Number 2 to 10 Skip Counting with 100 Chart Fille

Math Coach's Corner: More Skip Counting by Tens off the Decade. Three versions that use the same numbers, but they are increasingly difficult because of the number hint that is shown. Includes a completely blank one you can customize. - Free Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheetsfrom - Free Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets

Identifying and Counting Shape Sides

**FREE** Identifying and Counting Shape Sides Worksheet. Teach your child how they can identify different shapes by counting the sides with this Math printable worksheet.

Little Minds at Workfrom Little Minds at Work

Number Bonds Continued and {Freebie}

Number Bonds {Freebie}

Counting on from any number math stations, worksheets, and activities that are super fun - Building Number Sense in First Grade