patterns on a number line

Number lines worksheets. I think this worksheet would be very helpful with kids who are practicing their addition. I think this would be helpful becuase they have something to look at while they are counting out the numbers. - Abby Levine

Luminous Learning Level 2 Math Boosters: This isn't your ordinary workbook. No more “drill and kill” of route math practice that makes math unpleasant and a chore. In its stead, precision, clarity, and supports so as to promote an understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step directions, clear examples, and visual aids build students' confidence, understanding, and appreciation of math.

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review chart

A site that has EVERY 3D shape imaginable as a PDF so your kids can print, cut, fold and glue! Even lists the number of faces, edges, and vertices

Math Coach's Corner Be Wise...Subitize! Subitizing means to instantly recognize a quantity without counting. It is a foundational skill for students and a key component in number sense. Link to FREE subitizing cards.

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Sum It Up

Math Coachs Corner: Using Area Models for Multiplication, Perimeter, and Area

Math Coachs Corner: More Connections. Blog post about finding patterns on a number line and the connection to skip counting.

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Math Coach's Corner: More Skip Counting by Tens off the Decade. Three versions that use the same numbers, but they are increasingly difficult because of the number hint that is shown. Includes a completely blank one you can customize.

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Number Sentences with a number line

Tips for helping kids count edges, faces, and vertices

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