patterns on a number line

Number lines worksheets. I think this worksheet would be very helpful with kids who are practicing their addition. I think this would be helpful becuase they have something to look at while they are counting out the numbers. - Abby Levine

Number line cut and paste worksheets - fun way to practice number lines!

Using a Number Line to Add and Subtract-FREEBIE

Sum It Up

School House Rock Skip Counting Video

Hands on Skip Counting by 5's FREEBIE

skip counting activity

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Number Patterns skip patterns

Preschool Math Word Problems- use with counting bears....each child gets a baggy of 5 bears and an envelope. 5 bears are in your bag. Put 2 bears in the envelope. How many bears are left in your bag?

Counting by 5's... Have the students write addition and subtraction sentences using the numbers given.

Number lines- adding up and counting back

Classroom Freebies Too: Halloween Comparing Numbers

counting coins game

FREE Thanksgiving Counting Worksheet

FREE Spring Pages Pack for First Grade! Sample of Math and Literacy Spring Packet. Practice skills such as graphing, time, skip counting, ordering, nouns, adjectives, verbs, and MUCH more!

Number Concepts 1-20. A fun set of worksheets to help teach early number concepts to children in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Skip counting ladders for 2s, 5s, 10s or whatever you choose...printable

3rd grade Common Core Rounding