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Her giggles float toward the heavens like tiny bubbles. He is out of breath, but she asks for more. Their dance is sweet. She will remember his smell and his kindness. When the truth emerges about his crime, she will cling to denial and drink it in greedily. Not her papa. No, he would never...

"I don't ever want to see you hurt like that again, Beth. You were so lost and in so much pain, it nearly killed me." He pinches the bridge of his nose, "I've never felt that helpless. It was awful."

.Show this when using scratchboard for something... what element needs to stand out? Use of negative space.

Contrast, scale, shadow, and negative space- everything a photo should be! by Eke Miedaner

Pointing the sky by Emmanuel Bevia, via 500px

"I'm willing to try this, But maybe you're not. Maybe we'll like it, Let's give it a shot. But let's throw ourselves in, And get soaking wet. Don't just slip our toes in, Not yet." ~Miranda Cosgrove

The bridge where Ginny's friend Annia drowned. Ginny and Annia were only 7 years old. Now, at 17 Ginny still has nightmares about Annia's death which she partly blames herself for.

Caught Alone in the dark + creepy lighting Photo by Kimberly Tell

perfect (by unexpectedtales, via Flickr)

"com um balão só já da pra voar Pra começar a descobrir o que é chegar e o que é partir o coração só precisa de ar E deixar" Cícero - cecília e os balões

sunset ocean bicycle engagement or couples picture. Gorgeous!