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  • The Jenna

    Reminder about car seat safety

  • Marty Sahm

    Carseat Safety -- 11 DEADLY mistakes

  • Allison Kirkner

    For FORWARD FACING seats however, the harness straps need to be positioned AT or ABOVE the shoulder level.

  • Jamie Childs

    Treading Raging Waters: 11 DEADLY mistakes you didn't know you were making! (Car seats)

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11 deadly carseat mistakes you didn't know you were making. SERIOUSLY, EVERYBODY SHOULD READ IT! whether you have kids or not, you most certainly will have a child in your vehicle at some point. #1 shocked me!!

This is a really cute idea, but every single time I see this picture on pinterest I think "What a happy little gay sting-ray OH DEAR GOD ITS EATING THAT BABY!!!!"

DIY Car Seat Protector. So need this. I hate it when I move the booster seats for adults and have to madly dust away crumbs.

When my 3 year old said he didn't love me, I should have listened

Car seat safety!!!! I see lots of parents doing it wrong. Here is how to do it right! Spread the word. Have I pinned this already? Car seat safety is so important. Learn it! No bulky jackets. Clip in the proper place. Rear facing as long as humanly possible. Keep blankets in the car instead. The car will warm up. It's worth having a child safe and secure.

Emergency Contact information for rescue workers on both sides of every car seat. Child's name, phone number, etc. In the event of a wreck most children in car seats can't or won't be able to give this information to rescue workers.

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This is such a beautiful, blue blanket with buttons for the car seat. Without the hole, a blanket for wherever. Wow!

put your emergency contacts info on the side of your carseats - if you were ever unresponsive in a car wreck the paramedics would immediately know who to contact

10 Brilliant Car Hacks for Moms- Great ideas to make the car ride easier for moms:)