• Amy Kirby

    *Kate Leopold - Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman stole my heart with this time travel romance.

  • Mohamed Gehad

    KATE LEOPOLD movie poster

  • Bonnie D Tharp

    #my favorite movies I love both of these actors - and stories about time travel rock!

  • Linda Provost

    Kate Leopold, 2001. (Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman) - cute movie!

  • TheRealwendy2004 Darling

    Kate & Leopold. I never miss this when I'm surfing and it's on. Cute story. Meg Ryan is great (I'm a fan)but Hugh Jackman is THE best reason to watch this. Fave line by Kate's brother: "You want to VEX my sister!" Fave scene: When Kate sees herself in photos from 1876. And when Hugh sees her for the 1st time in the past.<3 Pure chick flick fluff. <3

  • fitzgerald decor-consulting

    My favourite Meg Ryan hair and wardrobe in this film with Hugh Jackman

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