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Nope.; and the milk in your fridge expired 1 month ago. I don't hear you saying "but there's still milk in it", you're throwing it out, no matter what's left in the jug.

It's their only defense. I feel bad for customer service reps who answer my call.

Say What? The 15 Funniest Medical Terms Used By Clueless Patient:

Love my job but hate calling insurance companies!

It's gotten to the point where I am working here to pay for the prescriptions I now require to cope with working here.

Pharmacy life ;) Linda Lara-Brungardt I thought you would enjoy this!

Annnnd I'm being yelled at. Yup! This is an every day, multiple times during one shift, kind of occurrence.

Life of a Pharmacy deal with insurance companies, patients, watch out for med errors and interactions, consult with patients and caregivers...etc etc etc