medieval costume

Silk Medieval Princess Elizabethan Gown Custom by RomanticThreads, $850.00

Tudor Costume

The Tudors. Costumes/ Fashions from the Tudor and Elizabethan Age 15th and 16th century

Medieval clothing Knight jacket clothing medieval Victorian costume leater on Etsy, $187.84

pattern for medieval dress

Tudor Gown

Elizabethan costume

Red with Gold Vine Corseted Dress By: damsel in this dress.

Simplicity 6-8-10-12--Simplicity PatternsSimplicity 6-8-10-12--Simplicity Patterns,

Tudor gown

Medieval gowns

Tudor Costume

Dressed for court! Handsome men's garb of renaissance style elizabethan tudor tunic ruffle

Custom Medieval Tudor Renaissance Gown

Medieval Dresses


Custom Renaissance Dress "Lady Rowena"; velvet gown; medieval gown' ren gown on Etsy, $602.12 CAD

Elizabethan Tudor Medieval Jewelry Set Circlet by RomanticThreads

Contains patterns for 3 Late Tudor gowns and 3 Elizabethan gowns. The stomacher, underskirts and undersleeves are not sewn to the gowns (sizes 8-18 included). T