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Behold, the 2001: A Space Odyssey LEGO sets that never existed

There may not be a giant space baby, but these 2001 LEGO models by Jason Allemann are impressive nonetheless. That's a six-foot-long, 3,873-piece, 1:60 scale model of the Discovery One spaceship above, and check out a cheerful "Dawn of Man" diorama that consists primarily of monkeys, black plastic b...

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legos~ The Nightmare Before Christmas cool :)

Lego men!! Dear god, I wanna make these for the boys next year. Could you imagine Sarah Chintomby Bechler

Doctor Whoooo. Doctor Who.

See what you can make with legos...

this site hurts my brain! It is really cool to see all the illusions that people have created with simple stuff.

This guy (Nathan Sawaya) has a great website (and gallery) with awesome pictures that I showed to our Lego Club.

This "decaying Victorian house" is made out of Legos and reminds me of the "haunted house" my friends and I were scared of in elementary school.

Captain America shield, the lego one. (The Soldier by buriedbybricks, via Flickr). This guy built all of the Avengers weapons! @Rebecca, we have to do this.

LEGO Builder building San Francisco houses in LEGO Land

Minimalistic Lego Cartoon Characters