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  • Sally Anne Stahl

    Not Pottery, so shoot me... The Power of Art - Van Gogh (complete episode) There is a whole series of Master Artist.

  • Janet Bloem

    The Power of Art - Van Gogh: The Dutch Post-Impressionist master. Van Gogh spent his early life as an art dealer, teacher and preacher in England, Holland and Belgium. His period as an artist began in 1881 when he chose to study art in Brussels, starting with watercolours and moving quickly on to oils.

  • ARTH 200 List of Documentaries & Films

    BBC Simon Schama's Power of Art (2006): Episode 6 - Van Gogh. @Concordia:

  • Benjamin Hoover

    This "Power of Art" on van Gogh, is great for its depiction of the artist alone.

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Another great video about Vincent Van Gogh, but, I repeat, many today do not believe that Vincent committed suicide.

FREE Printables from! Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh liked to paint pictures of sunflowers. Add some sunflowers to this vase.

Vincent van Gogh aged nineteen, 1873 Wow! Benedict Cumberbatch could play him very easily...

The Power of Art - Van Gogh (complete episode) - YouTube

VINCENT VAN GOGH: THE POWER OF ART - Artist/History/Biography (documentary)

Vincent van Gogh, self-portrait Pencil 19.0 x 21.0 cm. Paris- January-June, 1887 F 1379, JH 1196 Amsterdam- Van Gogh Museum.

Cypresses - Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, Zundert 1853–1890 Auvers-sur-Oise)

Van Gogh. ”… in all nature, for instance in trees, I see expression and soul… ” Letter to Theo van Gogh, 5 November 1882

Le Moulin de al Galette, 1886. Vincent van Gogh....what can I say? It's the Dutch in me! As my dad always said, "Everything good in the world is Dutch!" (please note eye rolls as I type this)

Check out the entire short here. It's truly, truly moving and beautiful. | Animated Versions Of Van Gogh Paintings Are Both Gorgeous And Creepy

I saw a real life rendition of this painting at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam; the replica was quite accurate... it was creepy how accurate it was. Pretty neat experience because it felt like you were actually in his room!

Van Gogh's Room. Bare and Bleak, but sometimes u need that to find peace away from this busy world. U feel me?