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9 Surprisingly Chic Nail Looks to Wear on Halloween

For this black cat look, start with a stripe of black polish to the middle of your nail. At the top of each strip, add two triangles and let dry. Add white dots to the ears and below for the cat's tongue. Place two green dots to the middle for the cat's eyes, then paint thin black lines at an angle to give each nail signature cateyes. Finish with a topcoat. Design by @formulaxnail

Nails will be beautiful on the big day with Essie's limited-edition bridal collection filled with beautiful coral hues to complement the memorable look.

クリーンな印象の白ゴースト|大人が楽しむコツ満載! シックなハロウィンネイル9選

【ELLE】クリーンな印象の白ゴースト|大人が楽しむコツ満載! シックなハロウィンネイル9選|エル・オンライン

40 Yellow Nail Art Ideas

Creative yellow themed French tip nail art. The French tips are painted in black polish as well as thin strips in the middle of the nail. There are also cute little flower designs in black and white polish that add to the charm of the nail art.

This butter nail set is filled with an intoxicating blend of bold pastels and bright crèmes that are perfect for any mood.

9 Surprisingly Chic Nail Looks to Wear on Halloween

Harry Potter isn't really a Halloween motif, but what better day is there (besides July 31st) to celebrate your favorite witches and wizards? We detailed how character faces look best on short nails already, but our main advice is to be patient, thin brushes, and always wait for the base color to dry. Design by @stephstonenails