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Okay, not really a sheep. They grow up with different horns. Cute 'lil bugger huh. Got any in the flock where you are?

this actually makes me freak out. I have a huge irrational fear of goats after being knocked down in a petting zoo as a child!

Don't forget to isolate the goat! And let people you know you have one.

Jumping baby goats! i love this even more because my nickname from my dad since childhood has been baby goat (but in Polish - it's "koza"), because i used to always jump around as a little kid lol

This is too cute! Little girl carries her baby goat on her back. www.thesmokinggoa...

#goatvet likes this short blog from an intern about Nubian mothers with their Saanen X offspring

hugs...Miss doing this with my girls and boys. Goats I mean.

I finally just have to pin this. I laugh every time I see it. A little girl and her goat having a good ol' laugh!