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    I'M NEVER BUYING PUFFY PAINT AGAIN! Puffy Paint- 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 c water, food coloring.

    Easy Homemade Paint Recipe

    scented puffy paint recipe

    Paint for kids 1 cup of salt 1 cup of flour food coloring and that's it

    GOOD TO KNOW-Amazing.. I can't believe I've been throwing out all my old markers! I am SO doing this.

    45 fun things you can do with food coloring

    Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe

    How to fix a broken zipper in minutes. Where has this pin BEEN all my life?

    My kids got a kick out of this! This homemade doodle (puffy) paint is made from stuff in your pantry!

    A great alternative to address labels or stamps - and its only $24! Love!

    Best Puffy Paint Recipe

    Homemade floam is easy to make and SO FUN! Much cheaper than store bought, too!

    Two ingredient homemade clay

    2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. Imprint & Bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and spray with metallic paint. @ DIY Home Ideas

    Kids did this in Kindergarten...they LOVED it! Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs! This would be a fun idea for a birthday party

    Skip the finger paints in plastic tubs - Make your own non-toxic edible paint at home!

    What happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap? #DIY #6SecondScience

    Flour Game - pack tightly flour into tall container -> unmolding the flour tower by turning upside down onto plate -> Lay a large button on top of flour tower -> then take turns slicing away at tower with butter knives to see who will be the first person to make the button fall from the top.

    1 cup flour 1 cup salt 1/2 cup water

    This magic popcorn puffy paint pen helps you create great new craft projects in awesome 3-D style that can be foamed like popcorn by hair drier or microwave. Just squeeze it and write it, before it dries, blow it with a hair dryer at high heat to produces 3-D texture. How it works!

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