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  • Jane Horton

    great tip: Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. Great idea. Now you just have to find a wooden tee :-)

  • Brittany Coulborn

    Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. Take that Mr. Fixit!

  • Dawne Schoenthal

    Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. For door hinges, remove stripped screw, fill hole with wood glue, insert golf tee and gently tap in place. Let dry. With utility knife, cut off tee so it is flush. Drill pilot hole into tee for new screw. Taadaa, now ur screw has something to hold on to.

  • ॐ James-Anthony Giorlando ॐ

    what a great idea! Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. 1. Put wood glue in the hole 2. Hammer golf tee into hole 3. Use box cutter to cut off excess tee 4. Drill pilot hole and screw new screw directly into the tee

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Use a golf tee and wood glue to fix a stripped screw hole in wood.

Totally tried this, works like a CHAMP. Use a wooden tee to fill in a stripped screw hole. Amazing.

Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. I would never have known how to do this. by alisa

Add a toothpick for extra grab in a stripped screw hole! My dad taught my this. I know it works!

DIY Tip of the Day: Quick Fix for Loose Door Screws. If a loose screw doesn’t get a grip, try my grandfather's solution. Fill the hole with steel wool, short length of plumbing solder, or wooden match (noncombustible end). Then reinstall the screw. To fill larger holes, insert a wooden golf tee, then cut it off flush. Drill a centering hole and replace the screw. Don't use glue - the screw might never come out again!

I build quite a few wall clocks and other pieces that need smaller hinges, and it’s always a challenge to align the door or lid perfectly with the box. For foolproof alignment, I apply a dab of hotmelt glue to the hinges using the technique shown at right. After just a few seconds, I can safely open the door, drill pilot holes, and install a couple of screws. Finally, I back the screws out, break the glue bond, scrape off the glue residue, and finish installing the hinges. —Ronald Miller, McP...

Quick Tip: Use a Golf Tee to Fix a Door Hinge

remove the stripped screw, either with a screwdriver or a good set of pliers. Next, squirt some carpenter's glue into the hole, insert the pointed end of a golf tee in, and tap the tee into place with a hammer. Cut off excess, then add screw.

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