How to get crayon out of clothes that have been washed and dried.

The Tasty Cheapskate: How to Get Crayon Out of Wahsed and Dried Clothes Cheaply

How to remove melted crayon from clothes

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"Recipe for Getting Melted Crayon Out of Clothes: -- 1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax -- 1 cup white viniger -- 2 capfuls of All Liquid 3X Ultra -- 1 cup of Shout -- 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide Fill washing machine with hot water. Add all ingredients and agitate by hand to mix. Add crayon covered clothes, agitate 5 minutes. (Soak overnight, optional). Wash clothes regularly.

washing pillows...

I will have to try this: Orajel for Mosquito Bites - stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly.

Mix baking soda with TBS of fabric softener and spread on mattress every one or two months. Leave on an hour and vacuum off. Kills dust mites and freshens the mattress. (Other Pinner: THIS WAS AMAZING!! I used snuggle fabric softener and our mattress smells great!!) = Must try...

This works wonders!! It took off an EXTREMELY stubborn label in less than a minute!

How to clean a top loading washing machine. Pinner

Remove crayon masterpieces from your TV or computer screen with WD40 (also works on walls).

How to Clean Your {Top-Loader} Washing Machine One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee Spring cleaning idea

Wash towels in 1 Cup of vinegar on hot, then again with 1/2 cup of baking soda on hot. I just pulled them out of the washer to move to the dryer and my towels smell 10 times better. Apparently I didn't realize how musty and gross my towels were smelling!---> I should try this!

Framed cleaning list. Just check off with dry erase maker. You can tweek your own lists to fit your home.

How to wash and whiten yellowed pillows. Did this today with DH's pillows, and plan to do the rest of ours tomorrow. AMAZING. Its like we have new pillows! I have washed our pillows many times before, but they have never come out looking like new again!

Wow - How to get crayon out of a whole load of clothes. It's been years since we've had a crayon slip into the laundry, but I'm pinning this idea anyway, just in case. (Once or twice of crayons in the laundry is why I wash the grown-up clothes separately from the kid clothes...)

Remove permanent marker from wood floors..or wood dining tables -worked like a charm! I also use it to take permanent marker off of walls, dry erase boards or anything that has been permanent marker tattooed!

Use boiling water and two teabags to clean hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood floors. Let two teabags steep in the boiling water for a few minutes. Pour the tea into a bucket. Take a soft cloth and wring it out in the tea. The cloth merely needs to be damp, not soaked. This will enable the floor to dry quickly. Wash the floor and be ready to be amazed by the sheen.