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"something strange happened to him... he should perhaps also refill his water reservoires"

soft color two humped camel. Bactrian. ...the comfortable kind to ride luxury model

bohobohoboho: love BOHO? click HERE!! (Source: c-0-u-l-3-u-r-s, via mybohodreams)

Traditional decorated camel for the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer-Rajasthan, India, is held in January or February every year on ‘Purnima’ or the full moon day ~ Anupama Kinagi

The Dromedary Camel. also called the Arabian camel or the Indian Camel (Camelus dromedarius) is a large, even-toed ungulate with one hump on its back.

camel - I wonder if their noses are soft like a horse??

Robyn Davidson, the Australian writer best known for her book "Tracks", about a 1 700-mile trek across the deserts of west Australia using camels. Her career of travelling and writing about her travels has spanned more than 30 years.

The Long Ride Home, We all living beings are made of the same energy and substance either mater or antimatter, therefore we have to respect life in all its disguises starting with animals and environment, going organic and vegetarian is a priority,

What WON'T they climb?? Mountain goats climb on a camel. www.thesmokinggoa...

Camel calf. A female camel carries a single young for about 13 months before giving birth. The calf's eyes are open at birth, and a thick, woolly coat covers its body. The calf can run when it is only a few hours old, and it calls to its mother with a soft "baa" somewhat like that of a lamb. The young camel and its mother live together for several years unless they are forcibly kept apart.

Pakistan Camel Art : It takes 3 years to make an engraved tattoo on a camel. During the first 2 years, trimming occurs as the hair grows out. They then continue to trim and dye the camel hair.