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"Common Harebell (these grow wild where I live - a cottage in the woods)"

Campanula ~ Canterbury Bells, Mom loved these flowers, gonna plant a lot of them at my new place in memory of such an incredible lady!

Old age: when the flower has gone, but the seed pod remains. The flowers will be born anew....greater in number, fuller in blossom and with seeds to spread about into the lives of others.

notre entreprise offre un plombier pas cher paris 11 plombier-paris-11...

Forest Bluebells and all the lovely undergrowth of a forest remind me to look down and all-around, not just up, when walking through a forest. There is incredible diversity and everything, except the man-made intrusions, is there for a reason.

There's lots of bluebells near me, even though I live in a built-up area. I call them 'Fairy Flowers' :)

bluebells~ Bluebells are predominantly found in woodland and their displays can be found all over the UK. They prefer moist, shady and stable conditions, so woodlands are ideal. But, in more northern and westerly parts of Britain, bluebells can also be found in all sorts of habitats, such as hedgerows or even by the sea in Cornwall.