Llewellin setter puppy

Labrador and German Shorthair puppy

English Setter<3

no finer dog than an English Setter- lazy in the house, SO LOVING to all, great field dog if you hunt, super walking/running companion, no slobber, minimal shed, hearts of gold

English Setter

English Setter...

My english setter :)


thepaintedbench: English Setter Puppy - Mountain Vagabond

This is probably one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen "Baby schnauzer": Mini Schnauzer, Cute Animal, Miniature Schnauzer, So Cute, Baby Animal, Schnauzer Puppy, Cute Dog, Cutest Animal

English Setter (Lawerack/Laverack/Llewellin/Blue Belton)

English Setter

Look at that puppy!!

This may be the most precious dog I've ever seen. I wanna hug em.

Irish Red and White Setter puppy. My very favourite dog. One day...

Catahoula Leopard Dog!

english setter pup

Irish red and white setter