Llewellin setter puppy


puppy in pjs.

Labrador and German Shorthair puppy

English setter

English Setter<3 @Jessie Woodall Melting! Looks like a little "Rooners"

English Setter...

The little legs! they're so fat! And the ears, in love with Basset Hound puppies!!

Bernese Mountain Dogs

English Setter


no finer dog than an English Setter- lazy in the house, SO LOVING to all, great field dog if you hunt, super walking/running companion, no slobber, minimal shed, hearts of gold

English Setter puppy dog. Pet portrait photography.

thepaintedbench: English Setter Puppy - Mountain Vagabond

Great Dane Puppy Dog Dogs Puppies Danish Mastiff

english setter

This inspirational wall art is the perfect gift for any dog lover! Chloe has definitely taught me to take plenty of rests

puppy face