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...and everyone looks at you like, it can't possibly be that funny. And then they don't even laugh, but you still can't stop. Yeah, that's me.

The moment when you are in bed texting with the phone above your head and the phone just decides to attack your face

So very true! I also yell at the screen and make ninja noises.... Just saying. LOL ... I thought this was just me :)

Mirror vs. Camera lmao!! Yes yes and yes! @Danielle Sadlier

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I wish real life situations had background music. <-- Yes. I would sing even more than I do as it is :D

I did this while racing my 4-year old niece. She exclaimed, "I can do anything!" After about 15 seconds, she began to breathe laboriously and panted, "I can't do this." She's such a character!

You mean, I'm not the only one that does this?? My poor kids...had more than their fair share of purple skittles and pineapple lifesavers! Haha!

I told this to my therapist today!! So funny, I'm giving up, he'll have to find me!

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I know all thees huge words that I have no clue on how to say or spell