END / OR / FIN - Jam packaging on Behance by Kiss József Gergely curated by Packaging Diva PD. Been looking for the source on this great pin a long time and now I found it.

END / OR / FIN love this (sorry no source link) I'll try to find it. I just did : ) PD(Ingredients Design Graphics)

Here you go @Sue Goldberg Pate Graphics Spicemode Foods extended pin #identity #packaging #branding by Isabela Rodrigues PD

Spicemode Foods identity and packaging by Isabela Rodrigues -- nice photography and background

Hoogesteger Fresh Juice  Great labels and great fruits makes everyone want this packaging. PD

'by Hoogesteger

This bottle design is clever and simple. The fruit color dipping in the white label are the fruit that are in the drink. The different flavors have different colors and fruit shapes but still all look like they belong to the same brand

8 Creativos Diseños de Empaquetados de Pan | Dyanfield

Who said bread packaging had to be mundane. These 8 design ideas would surely catch a customers eye in the bread aisle!

Packaging / Noa Relaxation by Super Tuesday

30 Beautiful & Creative Bottle Designs

Amazing photography style Photography ideas: staging your comic with related props. For example, these bottles are staged with the fruit that is in their ingredients.

The design of this is really modern and reflects todays designing. The tags on the jars are really appealing and quite simple but they are also really effective with colours and simplicity.

Heute schlägt mein Herz österreichisch: "Dazu" hat es erobert

Best packaging for the tackiest product

Haha) Creative product packaging idea from Japan. According to one Internet commenter “the packaging says “Black melon bread.” More like a pastry snack out of a vending machine than just a cookie.

Nice script font logo (and a creative brand name) used on clean, simple clear packaging.

Ugly Fruit

clean and cute. would require 3 stickers total though? Front logo, top, and back w/ ingredients and info?